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Friendly Debate in Stuttgart

Outing with the Debating Club

First things first we met Mr Christoph and Ms Fix at the Rosa Villa after the second break on Friday. After everyone gathered up, we went to the train station and then boarded the train after a bit of waiting. We had to change our ride after a bit and got on the actual train to Stuttgart. When we got there and everyone was accounted for, we made our way to the Zeppelin Gymasium. It was quite the walk and in the middle of our journey it started raining heavily. Finally, after we got to the cafeteria, where we would debate, we were welcomed so nicely and ate some snacks while we waited for the seniors to start their debate.

Though suddenly we realized that the seniors team's theme was formulated differently at both schools, and our team had to start With their debate, sadly we lost by only one point. But anyways, the stay and trip to Stuttgart was wonderful. Especially with all the snacks we had: Gingerbread, Toffifee, Haribo, Grapes, Chocolate and MUCH more.

The experience was very enjoyable because the day taught us how to become better debaters and it was al lot of fun to.The day started off with us being on the train which was a lot of fun too, because we were all togehter and talked about many things. When we arrived at the school in Stuttgart(ZG) we were very nervous but at least we had Caprisonne and candy to make us feel better. When we finally sat down at the tables we were still VERY nervous but I was kind of excited too.I was the first speaker and I felt very under pressure for some reason but i did and said everything I wanted to and I felt really good after presenting my arguments because everyone was supportive towards each other . Of course it was a bit upsetting when we didnt win in the end but i was okay with it because it was still fun and I did my best. After the seniors had their debate we stayed at the school for a bit longer and then had to leave which was a bit sad because the day was coming to an end.The ride home was fun, but I do have to admit I was very tired. I enjoyed the ice-cream we got from Mr. Cristoph though.